Is Macau Portuguese?

You may not know this, but Portugal has had a significant impact on how the world map is drawn today. In this article, we will try to explain how this came to be. Portuguese colonies Despite its

A Balance Between Studying in Portugal and Entertainment

Many international students are now considering Portugal as the country they wish to expand their studies in, taking advantage of their higher education system that includes a number of universities with top-class reputations. Some are doing this

Finding Accomodation

Most Higher Education Institutions in Portugal have readily available student residence accommodation. Generally speaking, these can be found all over the town or city that you want to study in. At this time, Portugal has very few

An Overview of the Portuguese Education System and Way of Life

The Portuguese higher education system boasts a substantial number of universities with first-class track reputations and records. Popular establishments include: the FAUP (The University of Porto’s Faculty of Architecture), which has been classed for many years as

Portugal Opens Doors Workwise and the Language is Easy

Although Portugal has been going through a difficult financial crisis and has high rates of unemployment, there are still incredible advantages to studying there, and is is even possible to get part time and summer jobs to

Bem-vindo a Portu

These days, students can travel far and wide to attain an first-class degree, and get to know about a completely different exciting culture at the same time. Portugal, which is situated on the South Western part of

Exploring Portugal When You are Not Studying

Most students work very hard both at university, and in their self-study periods in the library and where they are living. So when students studying in Portugal have a day or afternoon off, they will often have

Great Reasons to Learn Portuguese at Northwestern University

The renowned Northwestern University’s Portuguese program offers a broad range of exciting language courses for students of all ages. Among others, these include the very popular Brazilian Literature and Lusophone Culture. Many of the university’s students have

Universities in Portugal

Portugal boasts five universities which are listed in the 2017 QS rankings for world universities. From these, the University of Porto enjoys the top listing. Portugal has a rich history of excellence when it comes to universities,

Top Things to Do and See in Portugal

Portugal is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for culture, food, wine and rich history. If you are here to study in Portugal, there are some places that are simply must-sees, and though your