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So, you’re thinking of studying in Portugal? You’ve come to the right place for all the information, guidance, and support you’ll need in this endeavour.

studying in PortugalBefore making any big decisions, please do check out our website for practical information on visa requirements and travel allowances as well as the Portuguese education system and Portuguese lifestyle. These sources will help shape your ideas about what studying in Portugal is like and if it is suited to you. We have plenty of tips and guidance to keep you informed and a contact page for any questions or queries you may have about Portugal.

Found on the very tip of the southwestern part of Europe, on what is known as the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a popular destination for many tourists. Lisbon, its capital, sees around 3-4 million tourists on average every year. In fact, Lisbon has one of the highest growth rates in foreign tourism in Europe. With over 1000 miles of coastline, a wealth of water sports to try out and a warm, beautiful climate, it’s not hard to see why Portugal is such a huge draw.

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If your appetite has been whetted, visit some of our other pages for more vital information. But remember, this is not only about magnificent sights and great weather. Study in Portugal is about exactly that: study. Your focus is on education and furthering your career prospects. You will enjoy a great Portuguese adventure, for sure, but with plenty of hard work along the way.