An Overview of the Portuguese Education System and Way of Life

Portuguese Education SystemThe Portuguese higher education system boasts a substantial number of universities with first-class track reputations and records. Popular establishments include: the FAUP (The University of Porto’s Faculty of Architecture), which has been classed for many years as a leading European architecture school; and the world class UCP (University Católica Portuguesa), which offers a Masters in Management. Further, the University NOVA de Lisboa, is listed in the QS rankings pertaining to the leading fifty universities in the world which were established less than fifty years ago.

Many students decide on studying in Portugal because it is the least expensive West European country, and the lively dynamic capital, Lisbon, is one of Europe’s cheapest cities. Living on a student budget in Portugal means that money goes much further, and that is excellent news, as the last thing students want is to be distracted from their focus on their studies by being stressed out about how they are going to make ends meet.

Another positive is the lively friendly atmosphere and the great Portuguese hospitality. All students can expect a warm reception from the university and college staff, as well as from the locals. The Portuguese spirit is very warm, and even vague friends love to hug you, and offer you food and drink.

Although Portugal is small country, people are very patriotic, and there are plenty of festivities throughout the year which help you learn about the country’s rich history. And when it comes to taking time out from studying, as the country enjoys almost year long sunshine, the golden beeches and turquoise seas beckon. In fact, in the case of studying and living Lisbon or Porto, most beaches can be found under twenty or thirty minutes away – and you can take your study books along with you too. What could be better?