Finding Accomodation

Finding AccomodationMost Higher Education Institutions in Portugal have readily available student residence accommodation. Generally speaking, these can be found all over the town or city that you want to study in. At this time, Portugal has very few housing facilities on campus, so you need to look for other options.

Many times, staying in the student’s residence is the cheapest and simplest choice. Another alternative is to rent a room, flat or house yourself. There are many people who rent out single rooms in their homes, and in these cases you share the bathroom and kitchen. They usually have wi-fi, and often the utility bills are included in the rent.

When you are on a student budget, it is difficult to afford the high rent a flat or house plus the monthly utility bills. But there is a way around it. If you can find a suitable person that you are compatible to share a flat or house with, then you will only have half the financial responsibilities. A house rental can often be a good idea, as it will normally be more roomy than a flat, and may have a garden.

If you rent a flat or house yourself, then, as long as you have permission from the landlord, you can advertise to find housemates. There are various ways to find fellow students who are looking for good shared accommodation. This includes: putting up an ad at the college or university, (even if you have not started there, you may be allowed to do this). Another option is putting an ad on the college or university student’s board, and in the local library. Or advertising in the local newspaper, such as in the OcasiĆ£o. In the case of the internet, you can try out the following sites: OXL, Uniplaces, Lisboa, Erasmus, BQuarto, and Easy Quarto.

These are also good places to look for the flat or house as well. And if you would rather just be a roomy without taking on the responsibility for organising everything, you can check out these resources for a shared room too.