Portugal Opens Doors Workwise and the Language is Easy

Portugal Opens DoorsAlthough Portugal has been going through a difficult financial crisis and has high rates of unemployment, there are still incredible advantages to studying there, and is is even possible to get part time and summer jobs to help keep your student finances afloat. While you are on your degree program, you can apply to work as a team member of one of the many small companies or start-ups. And you will have language skills, that could well be of benefit to these places which are looking to expand into the global market place.

On occasions, after graduation, some students who have achieved high grades and have picked up the easy to learn lingo sufficiently well, take a full time position with a cutting-edge Portuguese company, or even apply to a substantial international business. This is often in Brasil – one of the world’s huge economies which has incredible potential, or Angola, which is making its mark in Africa and the rest of the world due to its vast natural resources which include crude oil. Both these countries have a Portuguese speaking population.

There are not many European countries where people go out of their way to try to understand foreigners asking them questions in their native language, but Portugal is one of them. So if you even get lost, or are looking for somewhere, do not hesitate to ask someone on the street, or else go into a shop or bar.

The best thing to do before you arrive in Portugal, is to learn the language basics. This is easily done by listening to a beginner’s course on the internet or on your smart phone. Then, as soon as you arrive, you can start listening to other people in the shops, markets, and on public transport, and you will find yourself being able to speak and understand simple words and sentences in no time at all.